Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beginning of August, September, October, November Recess

The MPD was just one of the many bills passed by Congress their last day of session, in a tradition that continues today (though now Congress reconvenes in September instead of after the harvest in December). Since it's been the subject of blog posts before, I wanted to take a second to note that the Senate finally punted its resolution approving Presidential acts before Congress came into session (said Senator Breckinridge, "This measure is more familiar to the Senate than any resolution that has been before it during the session.") into the next session.
To celebrate, here's a great quotation by Senator Andrew Johnson (D-TN), the only remaining U.S. Senator elected from a state that had seceded by the seceding legislature (a group of "loyal Virginians" had sent two Senators), that I didn't get to use.
I am as much for compromise as any one can be; and there is no one who would desire more than myself to see peace and prosperity restored to the land; but when we look at the condition of the country, we find that rebellion is rife; that treason has reared its head. A distinguished Senator from Georgia once said, "when traitors become numerous enough, treason becomes respectable." [It was Robert Toombs] Traitors are getting to be so numerous now that I suppose treason has almost got to be respectable; but God being willing, whether traitors be many or few, as I have hitherto waged war against traitors and treason, and in behalf of the Government, which was constructed  by our fathers, I intend to continue it to the end. [Galleries erupt in applause]

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