Thursday, July 21, 2011

3:00 am: 1st Div (US) finally on the move

Sherman’s brigade was finally marching, but very slowly. They were the middle brigade in Tyler’s now three brigade division. The first was being led by Robert Schenck, so far famous for running a train full of soldiers right into an ambush at Vienna earlier in July. Tyler was also trying to move a massive 30-pounder Parrott gun called “Long Tom”, a humongous rifled cannon that was far more typical of coastal forts than of armies in the field. When hauling the gun over the rickety bridge over Cub Run, halfway between Centreville and Stone Bridge, it was a miracle that it didn’t break and prevent the rest of the army from carrying out its attack.

The First Division only had to cover three miles, but it was taking an eternity.

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