Thursday, July 21, 2011

7:00 am: Borey reinforces the left


Back at his headquarters from Mitchell’s Ford, Beauregard decided to send the brigade of Bernard Bee and part of the one of Francis Bartow to Henry Hill, in order to back up his left flank in case the attack on Evans turned out to be more serious than he thought.

The Farm Path to Sudley Ford

Burnside’s men continued to march down the farm path, following the plan to make the attack on Stone Bridge more serious. But at this point it had become obvious that a major mistake had been made. The path had narrowed to barely a trail, making the movement of artillery difficult.

With sounds of battle now drifting from Stone Bridge, Lt. Colonel Fiske remembered that in the 2nd New Hampshire “men ceased speaking and without orders closed their ranks, and only the sullen rumble of the artillery wheels was to be heard; the influence of our peaceful surroundings was gone, and men were reminded that the time which was to test their manhood had come.”

Key to People and Sources

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