Thursday, July 21, 2011

5:00 am: US detected on Warrenton turnpike


A messenger arrived at Yorkshire where Beauregard and Johnston rested before their offensive with news from Milledge Bonham. He had confirmed reports that McDowell was moving some amount of artillery towards Stone Bridge and he had personally scouted up to the edge of the Butler House grounds and seen Union artillery setting up. Beauregard and Johnston had been eating breakfast with their staff and immediately left for Mitchell’s Ford with most of their staff. “But Beauregard ordered me to go to my high central station,” Porter Alexander recalled, “Keeping some couriers with me and reporting from time to time all I could learn of the enemy’s movements.”

Stone Bridge

Colonel J.B.E. Sloan of the 4th South Carolina had his sharpshooters east of Bull Run driven back to the regiment’s position at Stone Bridge. Alerted, their brigade commander, Colonel Nathan “Shanks” Evans, awoke his small command of Sloan’s regiment, a battalion, a battery, and two companies of cavalry.

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