Thursday, July 21, 2011

5:30 am: 2nd Div (US) turns off the Turnpike for Sudley Springs Ford

Farm Path to Sudley Ford
Burnside’s men crossed Cub Run and turned off the Warrenton Turnpike onto a farm road. The remaining troops in line would follow them on their 6 mile detour to cross at Sudley Ford.

Fiske remembered walking with the 2nd New Hampshire pleasantly:
I wish I could adequately describe the loveliness of this summer Sabbath morning. In the midst of war we were in peace. There was not a cloud in the sky; a gentle breeze rustled the foliage over our heads, mingling its murmurs with the soft notes of the wood-birds; the thick carpet of leaves under our feet deadened the sound of artillery wheels and the tramp of men. Everybody felt the influence of the scene, and the men, marching on their leafy path, spoke in subdued tones. A Rhode Island officer riding beside me quoted some lines from Wordsworth fitting the morning…

Beauregard decided that if McDowell wanted to be aggressive too, he would not shrink from a battle. He sent orders to Dick Ewell, whose brigade with Holmes’ would lead the attack on McDowell, to “hold yourself in readiness to take the offensive on Centreville at a moment’s notice…”

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