Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rec'd: Horn of Plenty of Good Articles

A Harper's Weekly cartoon shortly after Manassas, mocking Horace Greeley
A great week for Civil War reading!

Ron at All Not So Quiet has a great piece on McClellan's impact on the defense of Washington.

To defend Washington, The Sound of the Guns continues with a series on artillery for McClellan's new army.

Disunion jumps the gun with a still pretty good piece on the flags of the Confederacy months before the great flag debate started.

It's also worth flagging a very sympathetic Disunion piece on Horace Greeley wildly changing his mind about "On to Richmond."

Speaking of wild, our last recommendation from this week is from John at Remembering who spots the Thornberry kids in a whole slew of contemporary photos of Manassas battleground.

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