Thursday, July 21, 2011

6:30 am: 1st Div (US) attack on Stone Bridge begins

Stone Bridge
Tyler’s artillery, including Long Tom, opened fire on the Confederates in Evans’ small command guarding the Stone Bridge. The officer in charge of the massive 30-pounder Parrott remembered training his big gun on a “house across Bull Run at about a mile and a half range” hoping it was a headquarters. It was a signaling station set up by Porter Alexander, in fact, to relay observations from one end of the army to the other with wig-wag signals. “The shot went through the tent, but hurt nobody,” Alexander wrote.

On the Confederate side of Bull Run, Evans sent the battalion of Louisianans – na’er-do-wells from the docks who called themselves the “Tigers” – to join Sloan’s South Carolinians guarding upriver from the bridge.

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