Thursday, July 21, 2011

6:00 am: 1st Div (US) arrives at Stone Bridge; Longstreet prepares CSA assault

Stone Bridge
Tyler’s infantry arrived in position, significantly late. He deployed Schenck’s brigade to the south of the Warrenton Turnpike, about 1,000 yards from Stone Bridge, and Sherman’s brigade to the north of Warrenton Turnpike. Then he began setting up his artillery, including Long Tom. On the opposite bank of Bull Run, Evans’ men were rapidly getting themselves ready to fight.

Blackburn Ford

Richardson was firing intermittent shots from Butler House down onto Mitchell and Blackburn’s Fords. In preparation for silencing his artillery and beginning the assault on Centreville, Longstreet crossed his brigade over Bull Run.

Strong bodies of skirmishers were thrown out in front of each column, with orders to lead in the assault, and at the same time to keep up a sharp fire, so as to confuse as much as possible the fire of the enemy, and thereby protect the columns, which were not to fire again before the batteries were ours… Arrangements being complete, the troops were ordered to lie down and cover themselves from the artillery fire as much as possible.

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