Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skirmish at Great Falls

With Charles P. Stone at Point of Rocks en route to Patterson's army and me out of the area, only a small post today. The 8th Battalion, DC Militia was still guarding Great Falls (nearer to the Chain Bridge, in reality) and found themselves a bit overwhelmed. Lieutenant Becker, adjutant to Captain Gerhard, sent this message to Colonel Edward Townsend, Winfield Scott's Chief of staff:

Have been fighting all day; fighting when I left at 7 o'clock this p.m. One man killed on our side. We want re-enforcements. Are not strong enough to hold our position. We want a surgeon. Please answer.

The Official Records don't record any response from Townsend or any Confederate accounts. The internet (if you trust such things) says two men were killed when all was told. There's not even a marker that I can find. It's only two and a half months since Fort Sumter, and already two deaths is a skirmish not commemorated.

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